About Kishori Capital Markets Pvt Ltd

Kishori Capital provides hassle free loans to small businesses in India.

One of the major reasons for banks/financial institutions (FIs) being unable to bridge this gap is traditional underwriting system which amplifies perceived credit risk involved in financing small enterprises. This is primarily on account of non-availability of valid bills, proper accounting systems and lack of known buyers. To mitigate such credit risk, banks typically look for enhanced collateral or traditional equity, both of which cannot be brought in by most entrepreneurs. Further, due to their small size and local presence, the transaction costs involved in financing them are very high.

This is where Kishori Capital fills in the gap. It helps SMEs through straightforward, digital and flexible access to capital so that they can solely focus on building their businesses. The platform helps them provide all the relevant information digitally and get their creditworthiness checked and loans approved in less than 3 days.